Frequently Asked Questions

What is about? is sticker exchange social network with the primary goal to help collectors on easy and interesting way to collect their albums.

How much does it cost to exchange stickers?

This service is free of charge. All you have to do is to register on the site and to find collectors that you like to exchange stickers with.

How to find collectors for exchange?

You can find collectors for exchanging stickers on page “Detail” for suitable collection in “Collectors” tab. Here you can find collection collectors, how many duplicates and missing stickers has each of them, how many stickers he or she has for you and how many stickers you can offer to each of them. The same information, also you can see on the page “Album detail” on “My page”.

How to contact my exchange partner?

On profile pages you can see contact information for every member of If member choose not to display his/her contact information, anyway you can sent him/her a message and agree for exchange.

I sent my stickers but do not receive those I search

Accepting our Terms every member agrees to send stickers to the other collector. Both sides have to keep this agreement. If nothing helps, you can rate your exchange-partner negatively or leave him/her negative comment on his/her profile.

May I add a new collection?

If you are collector of collection that you can’t find in the collection list, there is opportunity to add it. Procedure for creating new collection is described on Help page.

I found a mistake or have an proposal

If you find a mistake or you have some notice or proposal to improve our services, please contact us at

Additional questions

Are there any additional questions? Do not hesitate to contact us:
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