How to register on

To become registered member you need to fill Registration form. We will require you to choose a username and password, provide your e-mail address and accept terms. After click on “Sign up” button you will receive e-mail with verification code. Click the link and registration is over!

I forgot my password.

If you forgot your password click here. The system is going to send your password on your registration e-mail.

I want to change my registration e-mail.

To change your registration e-mail on click here if you are not loged in. Write in your username, password and new e-mail address and click “Change e-mail” button. Changing your email will cause temporary unavailable access, until you confirm by clicking on the received message.

How to create new album?

New album you can create on some of the following ways:

  • Click “Create new album” banner;
  • Click “Add this album” button on “Collection” page;
  • Click “Join to this collection” icon on “Detail” page;
  • Click “New album” link from “Albums” submenu on My page; or
  • Click here
Irrespective of chosen way, to create new album you will have to fill form in Step 2. Missing stickers and duplicates separate by comma and empty space.

How to create new collection?

To create new collection click here or click “New collection” button on Step 2. In both cases is going to open Step 1. You need to fill collection title field and choose publisher. If you can’t find your collection publisher in publishers list please write it in appropriate field. After that upload cover photo and write short description. As description we require you to add number of stickers for the collection. Tags separate by comma and click “Create”.

How to upload photo into galleries?

The form for uploading photo you will find in My page if you click link “Photos “ from “Profile” submenu and after that “Add new photo” tab, or click here. First choose some gallery from public gallery list. If your photo doesn’t belong to any public gallery you can create new gallery by clicking “Create new gallery” button. After that upload photo, choose a name and click “Create”.

How to rate some user?

User rating is defined as trust that user has in community.
If you want to rate a user click on stars on users’ page. Then select:

  • One star, if the user doesn’t sent any sticker;
  • Two stars, if the user sent just few stickers;
  • Three stars, if the user sent just half of the stickers;
  • Four stars, if the user sent most of the stickers; or
  • Five stars, if the user sent all stickers.

How to delete photo?

Every member who has uploaded photo also can delete it by clicking the “Delete” icon next to the photo, on “Photos” page from “My page”.

What happens if I delete my e-mail address on “Edit profile” page?

If you delete or change your e-mail address and after that click “Submit” the system will automatically log out. In this case you can’t login through standard Login form. To log in again click “I want to change my registration e-mail” and fill the appropriate form.

How to invite my friends to visit

To invite your friends click “Invite friends” link from the “Profile” submenu on My Page. Write in their e-mail addresses separate by commas and click “Send invitations”. The system will automatically send them invitations in your name.

How to send message to members?

You can send message to every member of this site by clicking “Send message” icon under user avatar.
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