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Dear users,

Slikicki.com is sticker exchange social network web site which basic purpose is exchanging stickers and entertainment of collectors. As a registered member of Slikicki.com you will be able to view collections, their collectors as same as information about your albums. Before you become a member of Slikicki.com please read carefully our Terms and Privacy.

Before you become a member of Slikicki.com please read carefully our Terms and Privacy Policy.


Registration on Slikicki.com is free! Everyone can be our member with his own username.

To become our member we will require you to choose a username and password, and provide your e-mail address. As a member, you are thoroughly responsible for using your username and password, as same as each changes that happens through your account.


All information input by users are there own property. The web site and its owners are not responsible for the user content posted on the site.

Membership terms and conditions

As a member of Slikicki.com you agree that:

  • Your membership is going to be with your name and your e-mail address and you are not going to register in the name of other party.
  • You are not going to use e-mail addresses or other contact info of the site users, for the purpose of sending upsetting messages, commercials and forward messages or to make unwanted contact.
  • You are not going to require personal information from minors as same as passwords and personal information from Slikicki.com members which you are up to use in commercial or illegal activities.
  • You are not going to use fake, slanderous, abused, vulgar, full with odium (racial, national, sexual, cultural, and personal) disconcerting material toward other members and material that violate members privacy.
  • You are not going to offer material that is authorial protected or without material owner permission.
  • You are not going to advert in order to gain personal interest. Every link which leads to other internet page and represents tendentious advertising will be deleted. If you want to advert on Slikicki.com, contact our advertising department.
  • You are not going to offer links that are leading to pages which bid illegal software, music, movies and licensed materials downloading, as well as, pages that contain viruses, Trojans, and other material which can harm Slikicki.com and its members.
  • Slikicki.com administrators deter their right to delete all information announced on the site by the members who break the rules, without any previous warning. That includes comments declared on the blog, galleries, information about the user, avatars, signatures, even whole user name – if they decide as necessary.
  • You are goind to sent stickers to your exchange partner.

Braking some of our terms can result with temporary or permanent prohibition for use. The administrators decide about the period of prohibition. Every punishable member will be informed about the reason for punishment and ending date.

Users who have denied access to this site (temporarily or permanently) are not allowed to register again. If they register again, they will be permanently removed from the site.

If users broke site rules considering international or local laws, site administrator will cooperate with all domestic and foreign justice institutions by giving all useful information for the law-breaker (IP, address, e-mail…).

All thoughts and information published by the users on the site are their own opinions published on their own responsibility. From this point of view, owners and/or editors of “Slikicki.com” are not responsible for the content delivered by users.

“Slikicki.com” reserves right to change the rules, but they obligate to announce them in shortest possible period.

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